Do you offer bulk or binge discounts? 

YES... sometimes I'll post a special deal here.  

Sometimes they just show up in your cart automatically as a surprise. 


Do you give Discount Coupons? 
Yes. I'll put the codes here as soon as I figure out how to do it. Coding this website is starting to make my eye twitch, haha. 

But if you need 5 or more shirts before then, just email me first, or message me on Facebook, so I can send them to you personally.

If this is your 1st order, you may be eligible for a 10% Discount using the checkout code: PRINTCLUB18

Try it... you could be Lucky! 


How much are postage costs?

* FREE for orders over $150 Australia-Wide

* Minimum $10 for smaller orders, Australia-wide.

* Minimum $15 to any International Destination... 

Which we try to keep as low as possible, even though Australia is so big and about half a planet away from nearly everyone else. 


How long does it usually take?

About 7 to 10 Working Days. 

It depends on the time to travel from Brisbane to your destination.


Do you accept RUSH or EXPRESS ORDERS? 

YES - within reason, obviously. 

It costs a wee bit extra per shirt as well as express postage costs, obviously, but it's worth it for that special friend or family, right?

If you need a quote first, please contact Customer Service during checkout.  


Who handles Customer Service?

A small horde of the friendliest, kindest, most generous folks that I could find here in Brisbane, Australia.

What is the Quality Like?

AWESOME... It's a rare combination of the most durable, best value for money gear that I could find - and then I tested it all extensively on my kids. So if the quality is less than you expect, please don't panic. There may simply be a rare glitch that slipped through all of our checks and filters. 

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