Do you offer bulk or binge discounts? 

YES, we try to, depending on availability of stock from various suppliers, we try to make sure that if you buy:
    * 5 items THE SAME you get 5% Discount

    * 10 items THE SAME = 10% Discount

    * 20 items THE SAME = 15% Discount

    * 30 items THE SAME = 20% Discount

So if several friends buy the same shirt in one order, you may be able to get a discount, depending how many you buy. But if the discount does not appear during checkout, it means that it is not currently available from our suppliers, sorry. 


Do you give Discount Coupons? 
Yes, sometimes through the newsletter. 

If this is your 1st order, you can request a 10% Discount using the checkout code: PRINTCLUB18


How much are postage costs?

* FREE for orders over $100 Australia-Wide

* $10 Flat Fee for smaller orders, Australia-wide.

* $15 Flat Fee to any International Destination... 

Which are all dang amazing bargains when you consider that Oz is so big and about half a planet away from nearly everyone else. 


How long does it usually take?

About 7 to 10 Working Days + the time to travel from Brisbane to your destination.


Do you accept RUSH or EXPRESS ORDERS? 

YES - within reason, obviously. 

eg for Aussie Destinations, Rush/Express Orders usually arrive within 4 business days.

 They cost at least $25 extra in express postage fees + at least $5 extra per shirt, depending on stock levels.

For International Orders... that depends where you are, obviously. But roughly speaking, it takes Qantas Cargo up to 2 days to leap anywhere below the moon, so please allow at least an extra 2 working days for that, plus however long it takes road trasport to get from their airport to your door.  And if you need a closer quote, please contact Customer Service during checkout.  

Who handles Customer Service?

A small horde of the friendliest, kindest, most generous professionals that Ani could find.

What is the Quality Like?

AWESOME... It's a rare combination of the most durable, best value for money merchandise that Ani could find - and if you've ready any of her books, then you know how much her eye twitches at the thought of cheap junk - which is why she personally filtered over 3000 items down to about 30 for this store...

So if the quality is less than you expect, please don't panic. There may simply be a rare glitch that slipped through all of our checks and filters. 

Customer Service

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