Hi Everyone!

Thanks for popping by.  

Some may know me as a writer of adventure, thrillers other genres. I was the first author to win TWO Hemming Awards for Science Fiction & Fantasy under the pen-name AA Bell, and the first novellist  ever to win an International CrimeStoppers Award for my childrens' adventure crime series under the name Anita Bell. 

Others know me as Ani the Animator.  My youtube channel is called "Tarampa Studios" where I've uploaded a few fun little award winners, and love teaching kids to animate too. So I've also been Awarded with Certification as a Reallusion Director & Trainer. 

.... but I design so many clothes for toon and fictional characters, I thought; "why not try them on real humans?" 

And that's how this store began.  

My healthy "Sport & Motivation" range sprang to life after I nearly died on January 15, 2020, and I needed to help motivate myself to get fit again.  

So if you have an idea for a design that could help motivate me even more, I'd love to hear it!

Please browse, smile and come back for more fun soon! 




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